Introducing the all new interRadiology, Inc. Radiology Workstation "CHROMA"
interRadiology released its new CHROMA workstation version into production. Key features are as follows:
  • Fully customizable workflow interface
  • Comprehensive patient history interface including custom search options
  • Customizable list to prioritize studies based on multiple criteria
  • Complex macro management interface to support negative reporting
  • Scalable screen estate to maximize screen usage to observe medical images
  • State of the art viewing tools available to support image analysis
  • Capability to create highly enhanced reports  where the observation results contains actual images as reference if needed
Prioritized Modality Worklist
Modality Worklist The modality work list allows for customizing sort order and displaying exams by provider, modality stat/routine and many more. A drag and drop interface is provided to manage the sort order and display criteria as needed. A graphical calendar allows to quickly select a specific date of exam. A single button function displays eventually unread studies for the last 10 days to ensure nothing gets lost.
Color coded entries enhances study status based on a variety of criteria as STAT or routine exam or that a study is about to expire or time has expired. While multiple workstations may be at the same time online (even across different networks) and having the same exams listed, a locking logic prevents studies from being selected by multiple interpreting physicians.
Patient History providing prior exam for comparison
Comparison View The interface automatically retrieves all prior exams from the selected patient (if exists) Additional search option is available in case of spelling / data entry errors. The screen layout can be adjusted to the need of the reading physician. The screen is basically divided in for major sections. Each of the section can be sized and saved as the user prefers. A set of F-keys allow for faster control of the screen layout and therefore makes it more efficient while switching between current exam and history images.
Customizable Interface
Animation Capability
Animation The viewer provides cine function for displaying animated modalities.
Hanging Protocol
Viewer The viewer interface can be configured by modalities and preferences of the reading physician. In addition, the workflow is also customizable to the liking of the user.
Macro Manager
Chroma provides a macro management interface to manage negative report macros as easy as it gets. Drag and drop functions helps the user to efficiently categorize, group and sort all sets of macros. Backup and restore prevents the lost of the created macros by backing up the macros to the interRadiology application server. 
Enhanced Formatted Observation Results/Reporting
Reporting CHROMA automatically launches MS-Word 2010 application and preconfigures the report for the user as adding customized company information header including logo, all patient demographics, type of exam, reason for exam and other labels and data. In addition, selected or all medical images can automatically be formatted for the use as reference images including custom annotations within the actual reports observation result. interRadiology provides you with a custom tool ribbon that can be imported into MS-Word to provide you with the enhanced features of macros and image selector.
Enhanced Formatted Observation Results/Reporting
Reporting The left shows a print preview of an enhanced observation result having a annotated sample images placed to be used for reference.
Audio Dictation Reporting
Audio Dictation
Reading Statistics and Reporting
Reading Statistics  
EXCEL Reading Statistics and Reporting
Reading Statistics  
EXCEL Reading Statistics and Reporting
Reading Statistics